Funding Programs

Our Funding Services can offer Business Loans from $5,000 to $200,000! What are you waiting for? Apply now and get one step further to business success. The SBA reports that more than 80% of start-ups fail due to under-capitalization.Getting extra capital helps to increase your company inventory, start a massive marketing campaign or even expand or renovate your brick and mortar business.

Capital Funding Services

LLC (Leading Loan Company) is here to help your company grow. Our business loan services are a guarantee solutions for any business investing options. Get the capital you need! If your company is in need of a change and/or you are thriving to succeed additionally, LLC is here to help.

Funding for Retail Businesses

Retail businesses need capital to get more inventory. Retail brick-and-mortar companies is getting difficult to expand due to consumers choosing the Internet to do their shopping. With the Internet growing it makes it difficult for retail businesses to grow. With the right capital you will be able to invest into the correct advertisement making your business increase in sales drastically. Every business must advertise to become successful.

Internet Businesses

If your company is an Internet based business we want to see you succeed. The Internet is getting harder and harder to get exposure. With search engines changing their algorithms it makes Internet marketing much harder. Getting your website built is one thing but for a company to handle the marketing for your business it can be an high expense overhead. That’s why Leading Loans Company is here to help! Get your business in over drive and start driving more business, traffic and sales to your Internet business. We have helped many businesses over the Internet increase business by lending them the funds they need in order to make their business grow.